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Free Amazing Android Emulators For PC

Hi guys! This is my new post for those people who want to know about Android Emulators and want to use it on their PCs. Usually many people think that they can only download Android apps and games on their smartphones. But do you know that you can also download these android games and apps in your PC by using Android emulators for PC. Now, the question remains? How to choose the best Android Emulators for PC. If you do not choose the correct Android Emulators, then they can slow down your PC.

After you are  choose the best and most apt Android Emulator for PC then you will be able to download Android games and Android based applications on your PC. This happens because the android emulator mimics the Android operating System on your PC. There are many Android Emulators for PC available on the internet. You have to choose the best and keep your PC safe. If you don’t choose the best then your poor selection may result in slowing down of your PC. No Worries! This post will help you to find the right selection of Android Emulator for your PC. Today we will tell you about the 6 best Android Emulators. There are many paid Android Emulators also in this post but they have free versions of the same emulators also available with some less features.

Emulators for PC



Firstly, i will introduce to you one of the most popular Android Emulator named Andy. It is absolutely free to download, install and use. Andy Android Emulator is very easy to use. This Android Emulator has many great features. You can use Andy in both Windows PC and Mac computer.

Features Of Andy:

  • One of best things about Andy Android Emulator from other Emulators is  Andy syncs your computer and your smartphone 
  • While playing games Andy will allow to use your Android phones as a controller.
  • This Syncing allows you to run all the communication apps through your computer.
  • You can download Andy very easily from its official website. Go to the top of the page and click the download tab.
  • Then you have to save the installation file to your PC and open it.
  • When it finishes you can download android apps on your PC’s Andy Android emulator.


[Price: Free / $2/month]

  • Go to the official website of Bluestacks and download the app. Click on “Download BlueStacks” link and save this file on your computer desktop. Now, Open the file and follow the instructions.
  • It is also one of the best apps used on PC.                                                              Bluestacks
  • It has the de facto solution for putting Android on your PC.
  • Bluestacks is a very fast and more stable Android Emulator for PC.
  • By Bluestacks you can download games and Install many 96% of the android applications.
  • It is free for use.

features of Bluestacks:

  • It is very easy to use because it has a user interface that is set up to be the same way as Android on our smartphones.
  • When you open Bluestacks it gives you suggestions related to games and applications that you may want to download.
  • This Android Emulator has a search feature that helps you to connect google play store.
  • You can download applications directly from the official store.



  • It is also a very popular Android Emulator.
  • You can download this Droid4x for free and can be used for playing games.

Features of Droid4x

  • It is the one of the best Android Emulator apps for their performance and user Experience.
  • It has some great features which differ it from other emulators.
  • Droid4x maintains the high quality graphics.
  • You can play and control your games with phone and keyboard.
  • For downloading this application go to their official website and download.


[Price: Free with paid options]

  • This Android app is very different from other apps.
  • It is very popular and has many different things.
  • People can play games and create Android Apps.

Features of Genymotion

  • The Android Emulator that is designed for those people who want to develop Android Apps and Games.
  • This Emulator can be used with any operating system.
  • It has many tools to help you create new applications.
  • it is available in two versions.
  • There is a paid version and one is a free version.
  • Paid version will provide you more tools and in free version you will get less tools.
  • You can download Genymotion  from their official website.


[Price: Free]

  • It is an app player and its function is very similar to Android Emulators.
  • Nox is designed by the Newest version of Android.
  • It has some different features as compared to other Emulator.

Features of Nox

  • Nox has a better and new version of features and also have updated the user Interface.
  • Nox has integrated connection on the Google Play store.
  • You can easily install All Android Apps on your PC using Nox.
  • Nox runs with the most updated version of Android.
  • This Android Emulator is compatible with the latest version of Windows operating system.
  • You can download Nox from their official Website.                                                    DownloadNOX  
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on the free download button.
  • Then you have to save this installation file in your PC and install it.



  • YouWave is the most popular Emulator in these days.
  • You can operate this app in the same way as other Android Emulators.
  • You can download All android apps on non-android app.

Features of YouWave

  • Youwave’s features are almost same as Andy Android Emulator.
  • As you know that it will allow you to download all Android apps on your PC and smartphones.
  • This app gives you capabilities of your smartphones to your PC..                                                           Download Youwave
  • Go to the Official web page and download. its very simple to download this Android Emulator.
  • You can see the two options in the downloading page.
  • There is a paid option which is more updated and you can download this free as part of a ten day trial period.
  • And secondly there is a free simple version for downloading the YouWave.

Final words

To the above post we have mentioned the 6 best Android Emulators for PC to enjoy the Android Apps. Many people don’t know about these emulators. Share with your friends and tell them to use these amazing Android Emulators for PC. In this Blog we’ve tried our best to help you choose the best Android Emulator. So what do you think? choose the best one and download on your PC and Enjoy your PC Android Emulator by using and downloading games and new Android Apps. For any queries leave a comment in the comment box.

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