Top 10 Best Torrent Websites

Top 10 Best Torrent Websites – 2017 [100% Working]

I am going to sharing best torrent sites 2018. Torrent websites are best place to download any big file from Internet. Torrents are the best and oldest way to share & download our desired file on our PC in a single click, no matters what size of that file . You can download Big Computer Games, Software’s, Movies, TV Shows or anything you want to download from Internet. Even if that is blocked or pirated on your location, you will download any file for free and fast without any issues. First of all to download any torrents, you need to top torrent sites.

Are you thinking about how torrent works. Let me explain, Torrents works on peer to peer sharing method, which is connected with the  worldwide users. Anyone can download any torrent file from anywhere in the whole world for free. But before going to downloading any torrent file, you must have to find out best torrent websites.

There are thousands of Top torrent sites available in Internet, but only some from them are useful otherwise remaining sites are non of use, they are too slow and many torrents aren’t available on them. So it is so necessary to find out the best torrent sites at first before proceeding to downloading your torrents.

So let me ask are you also looking for best torrent sites to download movies, games, etc. If then you are at a right point. Many people wants list of best torrent sites to know about legal torrents sites to download torrents from there.  I am going to sharing top torrent sites, after that you don’t need to search on Google about which are best torrent sites or top torrent sites for downloading. At first of all you have to know:

What Is Torrent

Torrent is just a name, but files which have .torrent extension, will contain all the data about your Torrent file and its full details. When you starts downloading your Torrent file, that file send its data and download your File on your device. Torrents will download your files more faster than normal downloads, but torrents speed is depends on  Peers and Seeders of your chosen torrent. The best sites to download your torrent files which downloads your file with super fast speed, no matter what the file of file.

All the big files are uploaded as torrent files on Internet including Movies, Games, Software’s, TV Shows and anything, because there size are too and you can’t able to download them normally. That’s why we need to download torrents of these files. Our the best torrent sites list will help you in choosing top torrent sites.

Top Best Torrent Sites 2017 For Movies, Games, TV Shows And Software

When it comes to select best torrent sites, normally peoples start searching on Google about them. But on Google, there are thousands of Torrent sites available to download torrent of your desired file. Now how to select top torrent websites. Don’t worry, here I am going to sharing  the best torrent websites by which you can easily select best torrents sites according to needs.

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2017

1) The Pirate Bay – Top Best Torrent Site

The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent website till now to download any torrent of your desired file. It’s the world’s biggest torrent website for Movies, Computer Games, Software’s, etc, you can find torrent of your any desired file here. It is starts since from 2012, and till now the covered all other torrents sites . No other torrent is much better then The Pirate Bay. But a nowadays Private Bay is blocked in some regions due to some reasons and it’s very bad news for some people who are using it from last many years and now it blocked in their reason. But you are able to access it by using Proxies, read our old guide about.The reading our tutorial, you are able to access Pirate Way again on your device.

2) Torrentz – Best Torrent Site To Download Movies

Torrentz comes on second after The Pirate Bay  in best torrent sites. All the torrents are available on it, you don’t need to search on any other torrent site for your file after using Torrents. You can find all latest Movies and Games torrents here. Mostly Torrentz users loves to download Hindi Movie’s torrents, as it’s best feature is that provides all Movies torrents. When you searches for any file’s torrent on Torrentz, they will show you more related torrents of which are similar to your file. No words to say more about this top best torrent website.

3) Extra Torrent – Best Torrent Site To Download Games & Movies

Extra Torrent is another top torrent site for downloading torrents of any file. From Extra torrent, you can download your desired Movies, Games, Software’s and any torrent which you want. All the Android apps & Games are available on Extra torrent. But from some days Extra torrent is also blocked in some regions, you are able to access it now by change your identity. We already shared an article , The must try our method and access this best torrent website on your device. Here is the link of Extra torrent website:

4) KickAss Torrent – Best Torrenting Sites 2017

This site mentioned in top 10 best torrenting sites 2018.  It is very old and best torrent site to download torrents. KickAss is started in 2008 and in first it was named as, and it changed its name from last few years in KickAss. If you are looking for best secured, oldest and best torrent sites, then we recommend KickAss specially for you. Also it is the fastest torrent site, that means it covers all need of a person for choosing it. KiskAss also blocked in some countries, but still you can access it by using proxies. Read my tutorial  in order to access KickAss in blocked countries. Below is the link of KickAss Torrent site:

5) IsoHunt – Top Torrent Sites 2017

IsoHunt is also good torrent sites which comes in best torrent sites 2018. It is the top best torrent site to download your desired torrent without any hassle. IsoHunt is old and best site to download torrents. It was started in 2016, but after some weeks, it got blocked due to copyrighted issues and after few time it will again started by its Admin. He worked hard and made IsoHunt illegible to be listed in top torrent sites. You are able to download any torrent from IsoHunt, even it is Movie, Game or Software torrent.

6) EZTV – Best Torrent Sites To Download TV Shows

7) Lime Torrent – Best Sites For Downloading Torrents 2017

Torrent is another best torrents site in our list. It increasing its popularity from last few years to be listed in top torrent sites. It covers of torrents and surely you are able to find your desired torrent on Lime torrent. It have so large database which is filled up with torrents, that’s why I told you that you will find any desired torrent here. It is not necessary to download Lime torrents with any Torrent clients, even you are also able to download them with magnetic URL. Also it have many torrents of books, hence it also able to called best books torrenting sites. Below is the link of Lime Torrent:

8) BitSnoop – Best Torrent Sites

But Snoop is also one from the best torrenting sites. It includes of torrent files from where you are able to download your desired torrent securely. We told it securest torrent site because it removes torrent files which contains RATs or Trojans which are so harmful for our devices, That’s why many people use it and regarded in top torrent sites.

9) YIFY – Best Torrent Download Websites

If another top torrent site from where you can download your desired torrent files for free. The comes in top best torrent downloading sites. It was just started few years ago and gone viral in the market of torrent sites, now it is listed in top 10 best torrent sites. It’s amazing thinking that it covers millions of users in just few years, and it all could be done just because of its best services of torrents. It’s the best, fasted and safe torrent site to download torrents.

10) 1338X – Best Torrent Sites For Movies

1338X is the best torrent site for movies. You are able to find out and download your desired movie torrent from 1338X’s database which covers millions of torrent files. It is the top best torrent site of United Kingdom, you can see it’s users population from UK when you visit this site. You can download any hollywood movie torrent from here. This is the reason it would be listed in top torrent sites. Here is the link of 1338X torrent site:

Final Words

So friends these are the best torrent sites for downloading your desired torrent files even it is Movie, Game, Software or Books torrent, you can find out all any kind of torrent on these top torrent sites. That’s why these are could be listed in best torrenting sites 2017. All of these torrent downloading sites are safe, best and, fast for downloading torrents. I hope you loved our article on best torrent sites 2017. If you know about any other best torrent site, then you are welcome to comment below. Your site will be listed in our list with your name credit. you have any doubt or query, feel free to comment below, I will reply you shortly.




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