How To Get Free Internet For Android Phone Using VPN

OKnow how to get free internet on android using VPN. An easy ways on how to get free internet on android without wifi & services by using VPN on Android

Today we are introducing a new android tricks to setup vpn on android devices. As we all know VPN usage is increasing day by day. So our daily visitors ask us to how to configure vpn on android devices. Here on the special demand of our visitors, we are introducing the simple ways to setup VPN on android phone without any app & get free internet on android.

 Before moving to the setup process of VPN on android, first we clear some basics  (VPN) is used for transferring or passing the server request through various servers unidentified. Commonly this technology is used for surfing undetected in various Android and other devices. Often for using this technology, you would be using particular VPN services which could either be in terms of third party apps or as proxy servers, which is used for setting up the private network in the device. Also check our our nmd vpn trick to get free internet on mobile phones.

How To Get Free Internet On Android?

We have categorized the free internet tricks with it’s operator. Below we have shared the direct link of free internet on android for the specific sim operator. You just click on the one which sim operator you use.

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In Android devices, such services can be accessed using apps; however the VPN feature is present in most of the Android devices you use. Now if you want to know on how to setup VPN on Android without the usage of apps, then simply follow the below given steps by yourself.

How To Setup VPN On Android Phone Without Any App?

This given method is very simple and very easy to use. You just require some setups to use VPN on android phone. Just follow below given steps carefully to setup vpn on android device & easily get free internet on android without service.

how to use vpn on android phone


Open Settings

First of all open Settings on you android device: Go To Menu -> Settings

Setup VPN on Android

Navigate To More

Now navigate to More option

VPN Option

You can see the VPN option there, click on it and you will see the blank setting screen

how to setup vpn on android

Click +

You can see “+” button at right corner, click on it

Enter VPN Name & Address

You will need to enter the VPN name. Enter Qd Tricks there and select the appropriate type to request server. Now at the last enter the VPN address which you wants to set in your android device.


Save Settings

When you get done with filling process, enter save button

Enter Username & Password

Now VPN is created, tap on it and enter the username and password of newly setup vpn on your Android device

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Final Step

You can see the running VPN service at the notification bar. This is the working simple setup vpn on Android without any third party apps.


Therefore, the above given are the unique steps which you can use for setting up the VPN on Android & get free internet on android without the usage of apps. In addition, using the above steps you can use secured and private networks and be able to access the websites which are blocked. Even those apps which are blocked in your network can be connected. So, this means your device is safe and protected from hackers up to a certain extend.

Hope this post was useful and you can share it with your friends and colleagues. You are free to leave comments below if you are facing any kind of difficulty while following any of the steps to setup vpn on android device without any apps & get free internet on android.


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