How to See Hidden Photos of Someone on Facebook

Facebook also faces security and each day and they are constantly working to make it safer and private since the Facebook is highly concerned about user’s privacy and they do whatever it takes it to more private.

Out of thousands of privacy bugs on Facebook, I talked about one where a user can see the by doing a graph search and there was to automate this task but this privacy bug has been fixed and the extension was removed from the Chrome Websites.

While doing some browsing on Graph search of Facebook I came across a simple graph search which allows you to see someone’s hidden photos on Facebook.If you are not a friend with someone then you can’t see the photos in which they are tagged by their friends even if those photos are public.

How to Reveal Someone’s Hidden Photos on Facebook

Revealing hidden photos means “Seeing someone’s photos that are somewhere public but not visible to you”.

As an example, your friend uploaded a group photo publicly and tagged you into the photo which would be visible to you, your friends and everyone who check your friend’s photos.

By any chance, if someone wants to see your photos where you are tagged in, then first they have to check all of your friend’s photos which is hectic and impossible if your friend list is hidden.

Follow these steps to See Hidden Photos of Someone on Facebook.

Method 1.

1. Go to the timeline of the person whose photos you want to see.

2. Now you have to find the numeric Facebook ID of that user, to do so you can head toward several web sites where you can pull up the numeric ID just by entering the Facebook Profile URL.

One of such website is go to this site and enter the Facebook Profile URL and find the numeric ID.

3. Do a graph search on Facebook like.

Bang you are seeing hidden photos of the target profile.

Example of Graph Search of Facebook to See Hidden Photos

As an example, I am taking this Profile to show you the process. [You can see there are very fewer photos are visible.

To see hidden photos of above profile I have to make the URL looks like this From the here, you would be able to see hidden photos of the above profile-

If you check the revealed photos then you will notice that these photos are public where the target user is tagged.

Method 2

This method is nothing new but a Google Chrome extension which automates the above process and you just need to click on a button.

  1. Go to in this link and add the chrome extension to your Google Chrome.
  2. Now go to the target user’s timeline and click on the PictureMate icon at the right top corner of Chrome.

Final words

The above profile is randomly selected from Facebook while writing this article, if this is your profile and don’t want to be mentioned here then contact us to remove it.

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