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5 important things : Not to be missed out on Diwali

Diwali is the most time of grand celebration as it is the biggest Indian festival that is celebrated across the country with great excitements. The auspicious festival that celebrates the victory of good over bad. Moreover, the festival of Diwali, which is also known as the festival of lights, is known for various significances. Get to know the best of Diwali festival here in the blog below.

Since Diwali 2017 is approaching soon, so for every Hindu Indian it is the best time to get into the preparation activities of the festival of lights. So this time when Diwali is round the corner, it is important to be aware of the significances of Diwali. Since the festival of Diwali is known for various significances thus there is lot that adds into the cheerfulness and excitement of the festival, such as:

Laxmi Ganesh Puja:
The thing that defines Diwali and its auspiciousness in the best way is Laxmi Ganesh Puja that is done by every Hindu family on the evening of Diwali celebration. Laxmi Ganesh puja is in fact the most important ritual of Diwali celebration and without this puja no one is suppose to start their Diwali celebration.

Beautiful & Colorful Rangoli:
On Diwali the tradition of making Rangoli is been followed by years. Over years the craze of Rangoli making has increased a lot. Thus before few days of Diwali, the searches for Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali done by everyone on the internet. In fact Rangoli, the art of colorful design making on the floor with colored powders attracts people of every age. It is basically done on the entrance floor of the home on Diwali.

Greeting Loved Ones with Diwali Wishes:
The festive rituals, people love to greet their near and dear ones with Diwali Wishs  and convey their love and care to them. So wither by meeting or via Happy Diwali Messages, people convey their festive wishes to loved ones on the day of Diwali festival celebration.

Sharing Gifts & Sweets:
Another very popularly followed ritual of Diwali is exchanging gifts among close and dear ones. It is being believed that sharing gifts with loved ones is the way of sharing happiness and love on the auspicious day of Diwali. Thus when Diwali is round the corner people start their shopping for Diwali Gifts as well as Diwali sweets to greet their loved ones on the auspicious day.

Lighting Diyas, Candles & Firing Crackers:
The most cheerful and exciting part of Diwali festival celebration is Lighting earthen diyas and candles at home as well as firing crackers at night after the Laxmi Ganesh Puja is over. This is how Indians celebrate the festival of Diwali by lighting and decorating their home with beautiful diyas and candles and firing crackers to illuminate in the sky.

6 Significances of Diwali- The Festival of Lights

As soon as for a grand celebration among the Indians. It is the biggest Indian festival that celebrates the triumph of good over bad. Therefore now when festival celebration is round the corner, preparations for this biggest Indian festival is easily noticeable everywhere.

Diwali is undoubtedly the festival of lots of excitement, happiness, positivity and celebration of good over bad. It is a 5 days long festival in which friends, family and love ones gather together for a cheerful celebration of decorate home and illuminate home to eradicate darkness from everywhere as Diwali is celebrated on ‘Amavasya’ which is no moon day. It heralds the dawn of a New Year as per the Indian Hindu calendar.

Diwali signifies different meanings for its grand celebration in India. It is the day of celebrating Lord Ram’s victory over devil King Raavan. Also Diwali is the auspicious day for Lakshmi Ganesha Puja. So there is lot that signifies the cheerful festival of Diwali such as:

The Tale of Ramayan:
The celebrated on the account of Lord Rama’s win and return to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. In fact lighting and decorating of home is done actually to signify welcome of Lord Rama. The tale of Ramayan depicts all in detail.

Laxmi Ganesh Puja:
The importance of Ramayana in the celebration of Diwali, Laxmi Ganesh Puja is also of great importance on Diwali. It is been believed by the people of India that worshipping goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesh on Diwali is the way of respecting God and getting blessed with healthy, wealthy, happy and prosperous life.

Tradition Diyas:
The Diwali is Traditional Diya. In fact the most important part of Diwali celebration is lighting traditional earthen diyas at home and everywhere around. Thus when Diwali is round the corner, the one thing that is on high demand is beautifully carved Diyas. These days, a lot new varieties Of Diwali Diyas have into the market.

Colorful Rangoli:
Another very beautiful symbol of Diwali festival celebration is Rangoli. It is the name for the beautiful and colorful decoration of floors done with colored powder.The traditional symbol of Diwali which excel with creativity.

Delectable Sweets:
Like any other festival, sweets sharing with near and dear ones is an important ritual of the celebration of Diwali. Thus many days prior to Diwali celebration, amazing varieties of Diwali Special sweets is available everywhere around. In fact in the range of Diwali gifts, sweets are much preferred option.

The Ritual of Sharing Gifts

The happiness, love and cheerful moments around is the ritual of gifting which is of great significance among the people of India during Diwali. Just like every other important Diwali custom, the ritual of Diwali gifts sharing is of great importance among all. It is the way of strengthening the bond of love with near and dear ones, sharing happiness and love.

Auspicious Diwali Gifts – Festival of Lights

Giving gifts has always been an important rituals of the festival of Dipavali. As is customary, Divali gifts are an acknowledgement of love and affection that we give to our loved ones. After Dipavali Pujan and before lighting the crackers, gifts are exchanged among friends, acquaintances and family. Everyone competes for the best or the most number of gifts.

With the ever increasing distances, Diwali gifts are now an extended expression of best wishes shared between near and dear ones. There are many auspicious gift ideas that can be chosen for this occasion. Some of these popular Deepavali gifts are discussed below.

Diwali Sweets – A perfect way to express your love or send best wishes is through sweets of different tastes adorned with beautiful packaging.

Diwali Puja Thali – An auspicious ‘Lakshmi-Ganesha’ pooja thali in a vareity of materials decked with flowers, golden gota, idols, katoris with roli chawal, diyas and many more.

Ganesha-Laxmi Gifts – Bring home this beautifying divinity and decorate your home with their gracious presence and blissful blessings.

Diwali Silver Gifts – Divine elegance crafted in pure silver and some such ideas of silver gifts are Thalis, Idols, Jewelry, Coins.

Deepawali Gold Gifts – Gold is a precious metal which is most easily associated with Deepavali festival. Any Diwali celebration is incomplete without gold based gift items.

Diwali Diyas / Diwali Candles – Earthen, Clay, Brass, White Metal, Silver are the most commonly used materials of which Diyas are made.

All these gifts or products are an inseparable part of this occasion and give an auspicious feel to the festival of lights, Deewali.

Deepavali Pooja Rituals

Deepavali is a festival which has gained its popularity owing to the nature of its celebrations. It has long been considered to have a religious significance which is now lost in the universal feelings of goodness and joy which envelop everyone on this day. Of all traditional Indian festivals, Divali can be safely said to be the most widely accepted and loved by the people of this country. It is one of those rare occasions which give Indians a unique identity.

Lakshmi Pujan on Dipavali

The Diwali festival is Lakshmi Puja. This pujan is carried out by households and especially by the business community in India. It is also considered New Year by business people so much so that all new accounts are opened on this day after the ritual of praying to the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. This Hindu deity represents prosperity, wealth and good fortune.

Diwali Pooja Preparations

Deepavali Pooja is performed before the sun sets over the dark night of amavasya. The actual time for this Puja is calculated by religious scholars and pundits which is declared in newspapers the day before Dipawali. When preparing for the traditional Pooja, idols of Lakshmi – Ganesh, kalash, roli, mouli, coins, rice grains, kumkum for tilak, betel leaves and betel nuts, incense sticks, camphor, flowers, garlands are required. For offerings and prasad, sweets and fruits are needed.

One essential before the puja is a neat and clean house illuminated with Diyas and candles welcoming Goddess Laxmi and driving away evil spirits. Rangolis are drawn at the entrance and small footprints with rice flour and vermilion are also drawn to indicate the long awaited arrival of Goddess Lakshmi. Oil lamps are kept burning throughout the night to guide Lakshmi after her secret arrival in the nighttime.

Lakshmi – Ganesh Pooja Sequence

Shri Ganesha’s name and so is true with Lxmi Pujan as well. The idols are given a ritual bath and seated on a platform. Devotional song called aarti is sung and prasad is distributed amongst everyone gathered. Every family performs this Puja so as to please the Gods to shower them with prosperity and wellbeing . Fire crackers can be burst only after the pooja completion.

Lord Ganesha is worshipped first. Ma Lakshmi is worshipped in all her three forms as Mahalakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, Mahasaraswati – the Goddess of Learning and Mahakali. Another God that is worshipped on Deewali is Lord Kuber – the Treasurer of Gods.

Diwali with Diyas and Candles

Diwali is associated with lights and illumination and hence aptly called as the Festival of Lights. Diwali is symbolized with lighting up the houses with diyas and candles. As everyone knows that exchanging of gifts is an age old tradition in Diwali. It is the time where people meet their loved ones, relatives and friends and gifts are considered a token of love and good wishes. Diwali Diyas and Candles are one of the most beautiful and popular gift items during this festival.

The hand made diyas are beautifully crafted , with painted patterns and studded with sequins, beads, and glasses. Besides the clay diyas, metal diyas are also available. There are brass, copper, bronze and even silver and gold diyas. These are intricately carved and available in varied shapes. Markets, diwali melas, haats, showcase a multitude of handcrafted diyas made by ceramic and handicraft artists throughout the country. Diwali diyas are one of the major attractions. Multicolored and vibrant colored diyas look fabulous.

The most exquisite candles in the prettiest designs, colors and shapes are found in the market. Candle holders with dazzling designs together with the candles bring in an element of elegance and royalty as well. There are tea light candles, votive candles, fragrant candles, and also multicolored floating candles.

Diwali is incomplete without lighting diyas and candles. Besides decorating the house, illuminating the entrance way, diyas are also required to perform the evening Lakshmi puja. Gift giving is utmost importance on the occasion of Diwali. Presenting beautiful diyas and candles is a way of communicating respect, friendship, and appreciation.

Popularity of Online Shopping in Diwali

The enjoys and enthusiasm levels in Diwali can never go down. Whether rich or poor, young and old, diwali festival is celebrated by all. A simple gift represents the warmth and love associated with the festival and the gift. Diwali gifts are exchanged with much gusto. There are varied products available in the market for gifts. People can also make online purchase to send gifts to dear ones living far away. Gifts indeed have a feel good factor. There is no doubt that everyone feels happy getting gifts. Diwali makes everybody feel happy as it is a time of rejoicing. Gifts whether you receive from your friend, relative, family member or your boss make you feel happy as well as special as you are remembered.

Are nowadays in this fast paced world, diwali shopping is no longer confined to the traditional way of shopping where we visit markets to buy products. Nowadays the online shopping has become very popular. No matter where you stay, any product of your choice is delivered to required destination at the required time. Online shopping portals come up with an exclusive and exhaustive variety of gifts just to celebrate the real feel behind Diwali shopping.

Its becomes much more easier if you find all gift options in one single platform instead of visiting different shops for different products , which is very time consuming. It is here the concept of online shopping plays a vital role. If you are living abroad in some other country and have to send your Diwali gifts and Diwali Greetings, the various online portals help you a lot. With the advent of the internet technology, sending gifts on Diwali is quite easy. There are online shopping sites with incredible ideas and options by which you can send your hearty wishes and gifts to your dear ones in India on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Numerous types of gifts with secure and safe transactions and ensured delivery give utmost satisfaction to the buyer as well as the receiver.

Indians staying abroad have no problem in sending gifts to their near and dear ones. A beautiful collection of Diwali gifts like nicely packed dry fruits, sweets, pooja thalis, decoratives, diyas and candle sets, apparels, electronic gadgets, gift vouches, greetings etc. can be send online. The gifts wrapped with your deepest feelings will surely brighten up the spirit and festive mood of Diwali. So during this festive season of Diwali.

Tradition of Gifting Sweets in Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a symbolic festival of fun, happiness and celebrations. It is also the celebration of sweets. It is a known fact that for any kind of happy event or occasion, sweets are an essential part of the celebrations. Diwali is an occasion to enjoy sweets of different varieties. This festival is a time of exchanging gifts and showering your love and regards to friends, family and relatives.

Diwali is associated with some mouth-watering delights as well. Each region of India has its own traditional variety of sweets and mithais made specifically for this festival. Gifting sweets is a way of spreading joy and goodwill among both the givers and the receivers.

The Gift packs of sweets or sweet hampers are distributed among neighbours, corporates offices, workers in factories, friends, loved ones and expected or unexpected guests at home. Companies gift mithais to their employees, parents send mithais to her married daughters house, elders buy sweets for the younger ones and so on. Sweets shops are in their prime business profits during Diwali. Special sweets are prepared at this time and shared with relatives and friends as Diwali Gifts All the different varieties of sweets exude wonderful aromas and flavors and enjoyed by the young and the old during Diwali. Most of the sweet dishes are enriched with ghee, dry fruits, nuts and saffron.

Diwali sweets are numerous, but the most common sweet dishes include Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Burfis, Laddus, Ras Malai, Kajukatli, Jalebi, Peda, Soan papdi etc. Indian shops are crammed with beautifully packaged Diwali sweets gifts and gift hampers to send to loved-ones nearby and far away. These sweets depict the joys and happiness of celebrating the festival and giving the recipients the warmest wishes of happiness and enjoyment throughout the festival.

The Tradition of Exchanging Gifts on Diwali

Diwali or Deepavali, the Indian festival of lights, is a festival that symbolises the victory of good over the evil or darkness prevailing within oneself. Lightening up the darkness of the Amavasya moon, this festival reinforces our bonding with our family members, friends and loved ones. This is one festival where people of all age groups, irrespective of color, creed and caste join hands and celebrate the festival. Diwali is celebrated by lighting earthen diyas or lamps, decorating the houses and bursting firecrackers. One of the relevant part of this festival is sending gifts to your loved ones. It is said that the celebrations remain incomplete if gifts are not exchanged between near and dear ones.

Celebrated throughout the world by Indians, Diwali is a festival that brings with it the sense of togetherness. This is the ideal time to revive your emotional and personal relationships as well as the social bond. Exchanging gifts is indeed a very lovely tradition of Diwali, a unique way in which personal, social and business ties are made more stronger.

People have their families scattered all around the world. If you are out of the country or stay abroad, then the best way to celebrate Diwali is to send some exclusive gifts to your family members and convey your warm regards. No doubt your absence cannot be filled, but atleast the gift will covey your heartfelt warm wishes. Sending gifts have also been made easier in this fast paced global village. You just need to choose your item, make online payment and your gift reaches the desired destination just at the right time. The online websites have their own gift stores offering a wide range of gifts for everybody. On diwali there are vast options of gifts to chose like sweets, chocolates, apparels, decorative items, pooja thalis and many more such items. Make this Diwali the best possible way to show your love to everyone who is very much close to your heart. Do not miss your near ones who are living far away from you in this festivity. Send a gift and speak your heart out to your loved ones in this special occasion. Let gifts convey your emotions spread across miles.


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