How to recover lost Hard Drive Data?

There are in this time when the things could be valued in terms and conditions for money or power, but now, its seems like and files and documents there are present on computers’ hardware drive carries the most value. Technology is the most very uncertain, one minute you are working on your project investing a lot of time and another minute you realized that are everything is gone because of system failure or hard drive failure. Well, the days are gone when you would just end up scratching your head about what to do next as we have a lot of data recovery software available in the market, and one of the best ones is EaseUS.

What is EaseUS and how does it work?

Recover lost Hard Drive Data

EaseUS to the data recovery software these are started to nearly 1o years ago, with one of the key motive to let users recover their files from not only their PC or laptops but also removable devices like flash drives, The External SSD’s and Hardwere Drives and SD cards as is scans all the corners of the storage of your PC, and after performing the scans, its will tell you about the recoverable files that are present in the storage.

How to Recover Lost Hard Drive Data?

The EaseUS might to be the best possible solution for your SDD Cards. There are EaseUS has a free version which we can allows to users to recovery data worth of 500 megabytes which is amazing as one of to the most important files to recover are documents lik to the  Word or Excel sheets which are the generally of a few KBs. This functionality when mated with its easy to understand user interface makes it one of the best options to go for if you are looking for a free for data recovery softwares.

1. Open the software and select the scan location

Data recovery softwere

As soon as you open the EaseUS data recovery software, you will see the information of the storage devices connected to your laptop.You can need to do they are select the device that you can wish to scan for the recovery of files. EaseUS will also show you the external devices connected to your laptop or PC and will not restrict you to scan external devices like hard drives, flash drives, etc. even in the free version which makes its onec of  the best  software. Whatever device you will to the select, EaseUS will give your the best results everythings  times.

2. Scanning the source

After they are selecting the desired hardwere drive, all you need to do they are click on ‘Scan’ button to initiate the hard drive recovery process. To the Click on the Scan button will started  the quick scan as well as the in-depth scan of the device. There are reason why quick search takes a lots of less time than the in-depth scan is because the quick scan just the focuses on a few aspects or folders whereas the in-depth scan will scan every folder and sub folder of the storage space of the selected location.

3. Scanning process

The scanning process is simple but intense at the same time. At first, EaseUS data recovery software will show you the quick scanning process which doesn’t take much time, literally, seconds is what you will be waiting for the quick scan to get over. After that, the data recovery software will start to perform the in-depth scanof the selected location. This is a longer process and takes about an hour, depending upon the storage being filled out.

4. Recovering the Data

After the data is being to the successfully scanned, you can we will be presented with the results. As the EaseUs keeps on working on their data recovery softwere as they are try to make its better and better than with each update. With the version 11.0, they have introduced the segregation of the files in which you can not only segregate the files per their file type but also select them per the same categorization. After you have made your desired selections, all you need to do is click on the ‘Recover’ button located at the bottom-right corner of the interface.

EaseUs version 11.0 have made some significant improvements over the last released.

  • Proper segregation of search results

Now,A new users can be used segregate their results into different file types like audio, video, documents, email, etc.

  • Multilingual support now even better

There are so many Earlier, EaseUs was in ths available in a variety of a languages from all around the worlds. Now a days they have been added to the Turkish and Arabic in the interface as well which brings the tally to 25 languages that the EaseUS data recovery software supports.


In this crowd of the hundreds of data recovery software, EaseUS made its name by offering the best features for Free, and even you go for premium version you don’t incur so much of money. It is quite affordable as well.

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