How to prank your friends by crash their browser by sending simple link

Hello friends,we will share a methods in which they can crash you friends mobile numbers or pc by the just sending a normal link.He was shared to the post about to androids network snoofer apps,In this also a very good for pranks with your friends.How many ways to make fun of the friends and your prank with your friends. They can also simply make your friends crazy, by the sending then a link we will crash their browser instantly.

This is a working in how many browsers, including windows, linux, android, iphones etc. They have been tested on this many devices and the prank tricks is working fine tell yet. These are make a fun of your friends or anyone. I was just have to sharing in this link with your friends. How to open this link their are browser will be started by hanging automatically, there are friends using on low ends devices with 512 ram or less than,we will also stuck these are phones, and you need to re insert battery in the phones.

How to prank your friends by the crash their browser in simple ways

  • At first, Ask your friend to open this link –
  • after opening above link, their browser will be started crashing and they will not able to close browser in this some cases.
  • In this almost 1 minute, These are browser will be started to responds by the again, you can close friends in this links and recover browser.
  • Then need to restarted your phone or pc normally.

Your friends reactions after opening link

notes– In this link will be only do this work java scripts is turned to the friends pc .We will link not works in the lower browser like UC mini , which do not supported by the java scripts.

They are simply wants to crash you friends pc, in this is post for you. the simply are sends they are link to your friends and these are pc will crash.

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Finals words

Hello friends in this is the from of one the easiest way to crashing you friends browser by the sending a simply links. You will be like the tutorial your friends will be think that your friends are a very techy person. So popular your friends by the prank with them easy tricks. He have been also shared to some other cool androids tricks. To feel free the comment below. They have any to issues regarding this guide. Thanks for visited by the keep visiting here from more cool tricks like this.

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