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Hello Guys, I’m back with a new trick for Facebook and whatsapp users who want to trace their friends location. Usually we have no need to trace anyone especially friends but in some situations we may need it. We of-course want to know about the person we are chatting with and his/her location and to trace locations when anybody lies to us or threatens us. In such situations we need to trace their location as soon as possible. So guys I’ve come up with this amazing trick . With this trick you can Trace Facebook user location and Whatsapp user locations within a minute.

Let’s make it clear that there is no direct method to find IP addresses of Facebook and Whatsapp users. There is no connection between you and the social media user. This time social media server works between them. When users use Facebook for like, share, comment, chat or changing status, Facebook and whatsapp server replicates messages to you. Stay Tuned and I will give you the method to trace a person’s IP address whom you are chatting with.

while chatting on Facebook

If you are want to know the IP address of Facebook user, You have to use “NETSTAT command in Windows Command Prompt “.

  • Press “Win + R” or Go to Start>Run
  • Type “cmd” and Hit Enter.
  • Command Prompt appears. Type “netstat -an” and Click Enter
  • A list of IP adreesses appears on the command box.  These are the current active IP’s on your network and will contain the person’s IP too with whom you are chatting on Facebook.
  • Identify his/her IP or any suspicious IP.

Note : Make sure you have opened only one single browser window on which you are chatting and all other background apps using the internet have been closed down using the Task Manager so that it becomes easy to identify the IP of the person we are chatting with.

After finding the IP it’s time to Trace the user using the IP Address :-

Trace user by IP address

Now it’s time to use IP trace service.

  • traccr/
  • Type the suspicious IP in the box that says “lookup this IP or website”
  • There you can get the location of the user.
  • It will show you the Location and ISP information of the user in the MAP.
  • You have to click on the MAP  “click for big IP address location”.
  • By this you can see the area by zooming it.
  • When you are in problem you have to note down the ISP details in that page.
  • Now you will have the location of the person.

Other commands of netstat

  • -a Displays you all the listening ports and commends.
  • -e Displays Ethernet statistics. combined with the -s option.
  • -n will show you addresses and port numbers in a numerical form.
  • -p proto displays connections for the protocol specified by proto; proto may be TCP or UDP.
  • -s option will display you per-protocol statistics, proto may be TCP, UDP, or IP.
  • -r will show you the routing table.
  • -s Displays per-protocol statistics. Statistics are shown for TCP, UDP and IP;
  • -p option is used to specify a subset of the default.


Tracing a Person using Tracking Links

To the first of all to Trace Facebook user location by using Tracking Links, Tracking Links have to be created. This is the most reliable method of tracing the tracking link (when clicked by the person) keeps a track of the IP adresswith time stamp and his/her browser.

How to create Tracking Links

1) Register yourself on free web hosting websites so that you can add your own scripts. For e.g., Blogger,, Weebly, etc.
2) Create website or sub-domain by registering a free domain name there but Make sure the webhost allows you to add your own files.
3) Now, download this zip file: Track-IP
4) Extract it and you’ll see three files on IP Trace Code folder. Namely: img.jpg, index.php and log.txt. Upload all three files to your website’s root (public_html) folder.
5) Now, your website’s link is the tracking link. Send it to the person whom you want to track and make him/her click on it.
6) As soon as the person makes a click on the URL, your log.txt file will trace his/her IP address and Browser with timestamp.
7) You can then track the IP using any IP Tracer to get the geolocation of that person.

JkHow TIP :- It’s better to use this trick via email as you can hide the URL by using an anchor text that may make the receiver click on it.


Now that you have almost created your own website, the next method makes full use of it.

Using Website Tracing Scripts (Website/Blogger)

This method requires can only be executed if you own a website. Well if you don’t have one, then no problems, Just create a free blog at After that follow the below steps :-

How to use Tracing scripts to trace someone?

1) Add Google Analytics tracking code to your website ( blogs have analytics script already added to it).
2) Create a dummy post on your website which no one has visited and copy its link
3) Make the person click or visit the URL by sending the link via email or chat.
4) If you are online at the moment then you can see him on real-time stat at your Google Analytics account for the link. If not, you can check Google Analytics later to get the history and details of the visitor.
5) Google Analytics open’s more detailed statistics containing user’s IP Address too.
6) You can also use other tracking scripts like Histats, Statcounter, etc.


How to Trace Facebook user location using ShortURL Service

The easiest and fastest method but it will only tell you the country of the user. It can only be used to uncover the truth by some friends who have a habit of blabbering about travelling to foreign countries. For other specific tracings this method is of no use.

  1. Copy any URL from any website and put it on to shorten the link.
  2. Send the shortURL to the concerned person and make him click on it.
  3. If the targetted person clicks on the URL  then you can track his/her country by adding a “+” sign on the short URL
  4. For example if you have sent this short link: and the targetted person clicks on it then you can check his/her country by visiting

Using these tricks you can easily find out

  • A person by chatting on whatsapp
  • Trace an IP address.
  • Facebook user location online
  • Trace Facebook user IP location


Final Words :

These are  article is for those guys who are in trouble while using Facebook and Whatsapp and need to track the other person’s location as soon as possible. Nowadays mostly girls are stalked by boys online and some mishaps or internet bullying can happen via social sites. You don’t have any idea that who the person is and where they are from. But guys don’t worry we are in 21st century and i have just shown you how you can trace the location of the person chatting with you. I have given you all the methods in this blog. If you want some more tricks then do mention in the comment box.

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