SMS Bomber -text message bomber for prank with your friends

sms bomber You have create this sms/text bomber website,which ,we can prank your friends by the message at that time.that day sms bomber demand is Bit high. We are back again with a new sms bomber website,you are working fine & tested. That days, these are many website in which we will get to sms bomber, but only some of there are working fine. We are here with another working sms bomber … [Read more...]

How to charging apps for android- charge android phone faster

Hey guys, today in this post, I am going to tell you some of the best faster charging apps list which you can use on android phones and charge that fast. You have heard that fast charging, then you have must to be interested. Because this helps you have charge your phone upto the 8X faster without  even rooting  your phone. You can try this app on your android smartphone and used for boost up to … [Read more...]


Hi guyz, TRICKSYOUTH is back again with a new trick of HOW TO ADD ALL FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK  GROUP IN SINGLE CLICK . This trick will help you in saving your time as well as data. FACEBOOK GROUPS is the best place where a bunch of friends can chat without the interference of any outsider. There is only one problem regarding this , which is , that you have to add all the friends one by one which is … [Read more...]

How To Remove Samsung Android Lock Screen Without Losing Data

How To Bypass Android Pattern Lock Without Losing Data? How to unlock android phone pattern lock without losing data is the  most trend that days. People search new ways  remove pattern lock without losing data.  you know that now a days, Android has become one of the most commonly used to  which everyone. The Android os is the provided by google and recently, there was an article which have … [Read more...]