Hey guys TRICKS YOUTH is back again with a new tutorial. In this tutorial I will tell you how to make/create Bootable USB for any Windows version like Windows 7,8,8.1,vista and 10 without any tool or USB maker. So, in this tutorial I will tell you how to make BOOTABLE USB using Command Prompt as a default program of Windows. In this article you can get step by step method of creating BOOTABLE USB as a Windows Installation Media. For creating BOOTABLE USB for any version of Windows we require at least minimum memory of 4GB and if you have more than 4GB than its best because it would work smoothly. For creating BOOTABLE USB I am using 8GB of pen drive and Windows 7 as an example.

Requirements for Creating / Making USB Bootable Pen drive

  • Minimum of 4GB of Pen drive for making BOOTABLE USB.
  • Any Windows Operating System Image / Files like ( Windows 7, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10).


Steps for Creating Bootable USB /Pen drive Without any Tools

  • Firstly open the CMD With Administrator privilege.

  • Now press Start and Type CMD and then Right Click On CMD . Then Click On Run As Administrator.
  • Now just insert your 4 GB Flash Drive/ Pen drive for Making Bootable USB
  • Then type the Command Diskpart.

  • Now enter the command “List Disk” and press enter. Now you will see all your storage device which are connected.

  • Now type “select Disk 1” and press enter( Check the disk of your pen drive).

  • Now the type the command “clean“ . Clean Command is use to clean the partition of pen drive.

  • Now type the command “create partition primary”  to create partition.

  • Now use the command “format quick fs=ntfs”  to format your flash drive or pen drive.

  • Now you have completed your work, now only you have to enter the command “active” and enter.Now type “exit”.

Congratulations, you have now Created a Bootable USB.

Now,just copy all the file to your pen drive.

So, Guys this was an easy step by step tutorial of  how to make/Create Bootable USB for Windows 7,8,8.1,vista,10 Without Any Tool / USB Maker. In this guide all steps are present with images too, so, you not have any confusions. In this tutorial you learned how to make/create bootable USB. If facing any problem in making bootable USB feel free to ask us through our comments box.

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