how to hack any whatsaap account without root

How to hack whatsaap without victim phone

As that everybody know that, Now whatsaap is the most popular used messaging platform. And whose person not want to hack another whatsaap account. Almost everyone who owns a mobile phone will have WhatsApp installed into it without any doubt.

When, WhatsApp was Launched, then they claims that the security features makes it differ from the social networking apps and site. Because, there is no any phishing page that a hacker can hack your account. But, As per resources, The original fact has came out in 2017 that due to lack of security, the user account may be hacked by session hijacking and packet analysis.

To the access someones WhatsApp account, there is a tons of the android apps on the google Play store. But mostly are garbages and nothing else. So, I have Features top 2 ways to spy on anyone’s WhatsApp accounts.

How to spy on whatsapp without rooting

If you are business owner or CEO, how may are already to be aware that the cell phone managements of your business is a real headaches .To the  mobile phone-sized objects reasonably small and portable means may easily be lost or stolen data loss and increased security risk . Lack of information and poor control over the mobile phone company cause your business to be both economically and activities. Understanding usage patterns is difficult , because the data received from the network operators are limited in monthly bills with original instructions of using the best data . Cell phones allow leakage of confidential data – both dangerous and accidents.

Spoof MAC address

How to the MAC address is a Media Access Controls. Its 14 digit codes which included characters and numerical numbers. It is used to the hack WhatsApp account and messages. This is method of, first, you have to accesses victim’s MAC address which is the available in about phone. It can be found on setting option. The MAC address is available in other location in other operating systems. Find the MAC address and note down it because it is difficult to remember.

After getting the MAC address, you have to download the spy software from the app store and install it. You have to uninstall WhatsApp and install again to log in with victim’s mobile number. After it, you need to replace the MAC address with the victim’s MAC address. It can help to manipulate the network to deliver all the messages in two places. The spy software helps to backup all the previous messages and provide to your device that you can read all the text messages, pictures, and audio and videos files.

Hacking without MAC address

Spoof MAC address is a comparatively difficult method to hack WhatsApp account because you need to have the victim’s mobile phone. First, you need MAC address and a second one when you need OTP while logging with their account. Except it, you have another way to hack someone’s WhatsApp account. Use the TruthSpy application in which to the available in the apps for play store. There is no need to access the victim’s phone. You just have to installs and to the spy application in their mobile phone.

Hack WhatsApp with rooting with TheTruthSpy

The TruthSpy, you can also  remotely monitor WhatsApp messages, calls and multimedia sent and received on the target phone or tablet. Instantly check names and number of sender and other details like time and date stamps. There are Monitoring WhatsApp are activity with The TruthSpy is easy; just a download and you can also remotely access all the text messages, call logs and shared to the multimedia off a devices in your cell phones.

Protect your family:
To the Tracking software allows easy and instants access to your child’s mobile phone usage. Besides, you are able to double check their SMS text messages, Spy on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Skype activity, Monitor incoming/outgoing call logs and Record the inbound/outbound calls and more than apps.

– Secure your mobile phone:
The Cell Phone is one of the things almost people cannot live without in modern life. Therefore, Its really a disaster if your mobile phone is stolen or lost or broken by accident. There are so much important and precious data stored and managed in the mobile phone. Its not just used for communication purpose but also for workinging, In there are entertaining and how many others purposes..


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