Couldn’t load XPCOM – How to fix Mozilla Firefox Error

Hello Guys, in this Mozilla firefox is of the most popular browsers to the google chrome,they are favorite browsers for the web browser developer as they has many extensions to suppoted developments, The mozilla in releases their updates for firefox features as get newer,sometimes become incompatible due to new feature to windows or due to any other install programs,the window related programs.there are fixing tried to virus scans, removing the junk files doing system reboot how many times, this error is few to recommended methods to the fix could not load to XPCOM error.

Ways  to Fix Couldn’t Load XPCOM error

Method – 1

  • Could not load XPCOM error message, to open another the browser like internet explorer or google to the chrome downloads latest version of Mozilla firefox and upgrade to new version.

Method – 2 – Complete Uninstall and Re-install of Firefox

How many at not work for everyone but upgrading to the latest new version may not be remove the root  cause of this problems, if you not need to completely uninstall firefox and re-install to the new version in order to in this problem fixed.

Complete uninstall to need you remove anythings related to the firefox your computer like-

  • To the uninstall firefox.
  • there are removeing registry entries.
  • They are remove from the program file.
  • To the app data folder from delete entries.
  • Delete are program data folders.

To above new task is going to tedious, the registry from entries especially removing, since I do not recommend playing with registry, the deleting wrong registry key lead to may any other errors or complete system failure.

How to downl;oad and install lobit uninstaller and uninstall firefox using to uninstall, we can also performs powerful scan find to all registry entries and leftovers  to Firefox.

Press to win + R button we will open to run dialog box, type to %appdata% and hit enter.

They we will open to Roaming folder find to delete Mozilla folders.

How to Firefox is completely removed from your computer, now using to another browser and install it, you would be open and browse the internet on Firefox without any error.

How to download one of the best free antiviruses and get performs the system scans.In this error more than likely to cause by the some kind of malware in which mess with mozilla firefox .

Method – 3 Restore Your Computer To An Earlier Working State by using System Restore.

1. Try to restore your computer to a previous working state in order to resolve the XPCOM error in Firefox.

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