How to completely reset google chrome browser without reinstall

Hello friends, in this article is no accord that the Google chromes is known as fastest browser to the internet and browse ring in the downloads material online is the earlier any additional browser. How much time to start and very earlier than open mesh pages, something’s due to lot of junk records plus cache and cookies very sluggish and do not occupation to the correctly, it’s also receive circumstance to create and oodles web page very deliberate than support web page.

There are two methods to reset to the Google Chrome


 Resetting google chrome from chrome settings

They will be restore the setting to the default and we will be also reset to homepages now the new tab pages and search engine,disable to our extensions all to the tabs.There are clear to any other temporary and cached data,such as cookies,and so the content and the web site data.

  • To the right corner of the chrome and click on in this icon.
  • You will be get a new windows pop up with the list of the link, clich here on the settings.

  • To click on the setting we will another windows.

  • Click on bottom to the scroll down and click on advanced settings.
  • There are open to advanced setting at the click on bottom to the pages we will get reset browser setting to the options.
  • Click on the reset browser setting.

  • The restoration process will be come and asked for confirmation to click on the bottom.

Method 2

Reset Google Chrome by deleting the User profile

This is another way to reset google chrome by the deleting of defaults and users profiles, that folder can be used deleting ensure the junk file are deleted from chrome follow step below.

  • Start and search from the run.
  • To open window run types.

  • We will roaming on the folders go to apps data from folders.

and Navigate to  Local > Google > Chrome > User Data.

The Full Path is  C:\Users\My Lappy\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data only change to user account name on your computers username.

  • To the click here we will defaults on folder backup and first folder to exit for right bottom corner and task managers.

  • There are delete in this default folders, on the google chrome data,bookmarks,history,cookies and cache they are will we cleared by fresh google chrome running your computer.

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