How to See Hidden Photos of Someone on Facebook

Facebook also faces security and each day and they are constantly working to make it safer and private since the Facebook is highly concerned about user’s privacy and they do whatever it takes it to more private. Out of thousands of privacy bugs on Facebook, I talked about one where a user can see the by doing a graph search and there was to automate this task but this privacy bug has been … [Read more...]

Join & Whatsapp Group Links Easily-Whatsapp Group Links

Whatsapp Group Links Hello Guys, In this article i am gonna tell how can you easily your whatsapps group link and any other people.More than people they are whatsapp groups to make a new friends. am also join whatsapps group for new information  the worlds. How much common way of communicate with you. So if they would you like to join and share whatsapps groups links anyother you can also simply … [Read more...]

Person while Chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp

or Whatsapp Hello Guys, I’m back with a new trick for Facebook and whatsapp users who want to trace their friends location. Usually we have no need to trace anyone especially friends but in some situations we may need it. We of-course want to know about the person we are chatting with and his/her location and to trace locations when anybody lies to us or threatens us. In such situations we need … [Read more...]


Hi guyz, TRICKSYOUTH is back again with a new trick of HOW TO ADD ALL FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK  GROUP IN SINGLE CLICK . This trick will help you in saving your time as well as data. FACEBOOK GROUPS is the best place where a bunch of friends can chat without the interference of any outsider. There is only one problem regarding this , which is , that you have to add all the friends one by one which is … [Read more...]