3 New Windows 10 features that you probably didn’t know about

How many users to window and received to a free upgrade to new users window 10 while back.They are predecessors window 10, feature stay into hidden files.There are some easy to the spot, a little hard to find out. They are can you find to them how to use them.

3 New Windows 10 Features that are kept hidden from you

They have been previously talk about 10 best hidden feature of window 10, in this article , we will find 3 hidden feature help to operate window 10 more ease.

1. Make Web searches right from your Taskbar.

In this article, the most people just assume window files, documents, photos etc.we can also used to make web searches. They are using on the tablet and pc and laptop or desktop mic, They can also use cortana make a sour by the searching experience even betters.

You can also alternatively plac an address bar your taskbar. A type in a link and the web page will be open up to default browsers.

To Right click on the system tray location to the far right to taskbar and to the select ‘Toolbars’ in this open side menu with address as they first option. To click on ‘Address’ to place on your taskbar.

2. See what’s been eating your disk space

We are forget to the uninstall to the unused there are programs on our pc  that one day they piles on any eats any our computer space you are scrounge to the figure that is using up to all our space? but hidden feature of window 10 at list of storage, we can used to find, hidden away under setting then systems.

To click on a drive, they will be breakdown to the space your apps,photos,video and they are taking up.

They can not be uninstall from here, because we will certainly be able to monitor there are need to get rid of.

3. Uninstall a program from the Start menu

The final piece of the marval added in window 10 is to easy uninstall option that used to accessible a right click on.To click on the start button, scroll down at list of this apps and programs installed, and to the right click any apps, and any choose.


This is a possible even to the native window 10 apps. They do not have to access control panel to the uninstalled a programs, allthrough this feature is still available.


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