9 Search Tricks That Work on DuckDuckGo But Not On Google

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9 DuckDuckGo Search Tricks That work On DuckDuckGo But Not On Google

Hello Guys  we have some latest and amazing information about search engines. You only know about Google and maximum people on internet use Google as a search engine. The reason being Google’s immense popularity among all other search engines. Google Gives you more superior features and search results than anyone can but only Some people know about the seacrh engine named DuckDuckGo. This article is all about this particular search engine and 9 amazing DuckDuckGo search tricks.

What Is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine similar to Google but unlike Google DuckDuckGo maintains and protects searchers privacy. DuckDuckGo has been so how many cool features and most importantly its privacy features are amazing to work with as it avoids the filter bubble of personalized search results. When you search something on DuckDuckGo it shows you the exact results of the term you use and shows all the users same results for the same key words without profiling them.

 Duck Duck Go Tips and Tricks

DuckDuckGo gives you tricks that only work on its own search engine. These tricks have been developed for DuckDuckGo only and are not available for any other search engines like Google. So here are 9 DuckDuckGo search Tricks exclusively for you :

1. You Can Search Other Websites from the Address Bar

The  google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other mainstream search engines, people always search the archives of the websites from the address bar . When you search archives in the address bar you have to set up the keyword searches. DuckDuckGo has an awesome feature regarding this subject. You can jump right into the websites and search many archives of popular websites from the address bar itself.

For Example – If you want to search anyone’s details on the  LinkedIn, you will not have to open  LinkedIn website. You just have to type the website name and person name of whom the details you want and you will see amazing results. You can search anything on many websites Like:  Google with !g, Reddit with !r, YouTube with !yt, Gmail with !gmail, YouTube with !yt, Google Maps with !gm and many more. If you want the full list of ‘!’ bangs then just type  ‘!’ in DuckDuckGo bar.

2. Check Whether Websites Are Down

This is a very useful feature in DuckDuckGo search engine. Here you will get instant answers about the website’s ranking and lets you know if  website is down or not. And DuckDuckGo will save your time . You type is the search keyword on the address bar and DuckDuckGo will give you immediate answers. If this feature is not working then go to SettingsGeneral > Instant Answers > On.

3. Generate Passwords

To the everybody wants a strong password so that no one can break in there social security. In DuckDuckGo you can get strong 10 character password. If you have no idea and can’t think of a very strong password then DuckDuckGo will help you generate your password. You only have to search on DuckDuckGo engine, and type “Password 10” and you will get strong password. If you don’t want random password, don’t worry about that either. DuckDuckGo will give you XKCD-style passwords. You can add your common words in this password and it is very easy to remember and hard to unlock by another person.

 View Color Codes

The Color code system is a system for marking things with different colours as an identification mark. You can display information by using different colours. If in case you want to give colour code one by one, which is not an easy task and You may get irritated by doing it again and again. But don’t worry, DuckDuckGo will give you the full chart with all the 256 RGB colours. So enjoy this feature on DuckDuckGo internet Browser and search engine.

5. Get Cheat sheets for Popular Apps, Services, and Platforms

You are type the name of a well-known app or even an operating system followed by the word cheatsheet and hit Enter, you’ll get the relevant cheatsheet in DuckDuckGo. The name of the app/platform that you need to use is a bit tricky, though as you have to be as specific as possible. Using this feature, you will be able to find cheatsheets for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Evernote, Ubuntu, Facebook and much more.

6. Get HTML Codes As a List

HTML is a fairly simple programming language. These codes are usually used by Multimedia people, Web Designers/Developers andbeverybody is searching for these codes in many websites to copy from there. But now DuckDuckGo search engine enables you to have that programming as you can get the full list of these codes with Decimals & Hex Codes too right on your search engine page.

7. Generate QR Codes

The  code is a machine readable code. It consists of an array of black and white squares. It’s used for strong password option for URLs and any information read by camera and smartphones. These codes are getting popular day by day. These codes are used by corporates, Executives and also by everyday Individuals to give Contact Information or Product Information, etc. There are many sites that provides these codes but the DuckDuckGo search browser gives you this code very easily. Here you don’t need to type website name. You type ‘QR’ and hit Enter and you will get the QR code and there you go.

8. Find Alternatives to Apps

To the Search for any popular app on DuckDuckGo and you will find that it shows alternatives to apps in a neat carousel full of apps with similar names. The quickest way to look up for alternatives is via a web search or via Alternative To, a crowd sourced platform for apps recommendations. DuckDuckGo combines the power of both, like so: search for an alternative to Facebook. This gives you a card-like view of Facebook alternatives sourced from AlternativeTo in DuckDuckGo. It also works for Web services, so you can even search for “Alternative to DuckDuckGo” if you like doesn’t matter if you know the answer already(Google). This feature can find most of the well-known ones, but doesn’t work with very obscure apps.

9. Switch Text Case

The converting text to upper and lower case is part of daily routine to many writers like us. In the DuckDuckGo search engine you can have it converted easily. You just have to add a prefix of the given sentence with the phrase ‘Lowercase’ and then click on the enter and copy the given output. This Trick proves the superiority of DuckDuckGo search tricks above other respective search engines.

Final Words

Hello friends ,you are quite satisfied with the search Tricks that works on DuckDuckGo. It is an internet search engine Like Google. But in this search engine you can search anything very easily you don’t have to type the whole website name. Most important is that it provides you searcher’s privacy, in this post about Best DuckDuckGo Search Tricks will take you to the whole other level of browsing and surfing the internetIf you guys want more information about DuckDuckGo search engine, You can give us a text in the comment box. Our team will help you anytime 24X7. Thank you for visiting here and stay tuned with us for more posts .

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